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[sticky post] Just a Number: Contents Page

Title: Just a Number
Fandom: Make It Or Break It (MIOBI) AU
Characters: Sasha Belov, Payson Keeler
Kim Keeler, Mark Keeler, Becca Keeler, Marty Walsh, Howard Bryson (OC), Rassilon (OC), Nikolai Gabordi, Emily Kmetko, Kaylie Cruz, Lauren Tanner, Austin Tucker, Kelly Parker, Nicky Russo, MJ Martin, Viola Pettinger, Dmitri Belov, Ellen Beals, Summer Van Horne, Shiela Baboyan, Marcus McGowan . . .    

Pairing: Sasha Belov/Payson Keeler

Summary What if Sasha never came to The Rock? He was never her coach, and she was never his gymnast. Now all that stands between them is the age gap . . . and the Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention his reputation, the competition, and the fact that everyone seems to have an opinion on how she should feel about him and nobody thinks he's right for her. Nothing between them but age, and well . . . it's just a number anyway, right?

​Arc One: Across the Universe - The Beatles

Chapter 1: Have We Met?
Chapter 2: A Good Night's Sleep
Chapter 3: Same Old Song
Chapter 4: The Conquering Hero
Chapter 5: Magazine
Chapter 5: Kings and Queens
Chapter 6: A Lesson From Nobokov's Book
Chapter 7: A Word to the Wise
Chapter 8: No Dancing Today
Chapter 9: A Night of Firsts
Chapter 10: Thank Goodness
Chapter 11: Magazine
Chapter 11: The Magic of Misdirection
Chapter 12: The Unexamined Life of Mistress Viola
Chapter 13: Fortune's Fool
Chapter 14: Just Say Yes
Chapter 15: The Morning After
Chapter 16: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Chapter 17: Misplaced Concern

Arc Two: Hey There Delilah - The Plain White Tees

Chapter 18: Half the World Away
Chapter 19: Back on Top
Chapter 20: New Beginnings
Chapter 21: One Short Day
Chapter 22: Back to Reality
Chapter 23: Strike a Pose
Chapter 24: Out in the Open
Chapter 25: Daddy's Little Girl
Chapter 26: Catwalks and Catfights
Chapter 27: Transition
Chapter 28: One of Those Days
Chapter 29: Getting Off on the Right Foot
Chapter 30: Some Unprecedented Results
Chapter 31: The Aftermath
Chapter 32: The Problem With Holding Grudges
Chapter 33: Lines in the Sand

Arc Three: Bottle It Up - Sara Bareilles

Chapter 34: London Calling
Chapter 35: Domestic Bliss
Chapter 36: Going to see the Great Bard
Chapter 37: Home is Where the Heart Is
Chapter 38: Edging Forward
Chapter 39: The Ultimate Ultimatum
Chapter 40: Before the Worst

Chapter 41: We Need to Talk
Chapter 42: In Difficult Circumstances
Chapter 43: Readying the Troops
Chapter 44: Where We Stand
Chapter 45: Nefarious Ways
Chapter 46: Breaking News
Chapter 47: Say Anything
Chapter 48: Down for the Count

​Arc Four: Love You 'Til the End - The Pogues

Chapter 49: Swept Under the Carpet
Chapter 50: A Birthday Reprieve
Chapter 51: Countdown to Nationals
Chapter 52: Send My Love to St. Louis ay 1 Results
Chapter 53: Caught Out
Chapter 54: Reigning Champion ay 2 Results
Chapter 55: State of Emergency
Chapter 56: Quid pro quo
Chapter 57: Emotional Upheaval
Chapter 58: While You Were Sleeping
Chapter 59: Delaying the Inevitable
Chapter 60: Airplanes
Chapter 61: The End

Deleted Scenes: Inflatable You - Tim Minchki

Chapter 9.5: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Chapter 14.5: Wake Up Call
Chapter 25.5: The Rules For Dating My Teenaged Daughter
Chapter 26.33: Romanian Stuffed Peppers
Chapter 26.66: Fish of the Day
Chapter 34.5: Nothing Beats It
Chapter 48.5: Payback's a Bitch
Chapter 51.5: Kitchen Disasters
Chapter 50.5: A Very Good Day
Chapter 52.5: It's In The Bag
Chapter 54.5 Nikolai the Great
Chapter 57.5: Someone to Watch Over Me

​Vignettes: he Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
All vignettes take place between Chapter 60 and Chapter 61.


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